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Why March?


Why to march Troopers… Well in the beginning for me it was because it was the home team. But slowly it evolved into more than that.


So it all started in 2017 when I auditioned at a Dallas weekend camp and played with the horn line for the first time which at the time were working on their first movement of the duels and duets show. I hadn’t ever been apart of a ensemble that was at the caliber but other then that it was what I noticed when not rehearsing. The friendship between the vets and how they acted. That love that they shared for one another the unbreakable bond and brotherhood that they shared for one another. After not making the corps that year I knew that at some point in time I was going to be in that activity.



After my first season in 2018 my love for this activity and organization grew exponentially. I loved having that friendship and family that I saw the previous year. I also fell in love with the history of the troopers. The years of predecessors and excellence that have been instated before us and the honor and loyalty and dedication that connects all of us. For the love of the activity and the drive to better ourselves with one another together.



After the 2019 season I realized how strong the Trooper organization is. Through all of the hard times and things we had to deal with we still made it to the end with our chests puffed out and heads held high with a drive to be better and to be the change in this corps to transition to what it will be for the next generations. The Troopers organization has changed who I am and I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for these past two years. I am honored and excited to be apart of this transition and will give it everything I have.



So I march Troopers for the history, the family, the drive to be better, and the love for the organization to make it everything it can be.



Lance Reutlinger

Mellophone 2017-Current


Lance Reutlinger