General—Whole Corps

  • Sunscreen-30 SPF minimum-No Spray

  • Chap Stick -‐ 15 spf (DCT recommended)

  • Backpack (durable for the summer)

  • A trash bag for backpack on rainy days

  • Large bug spray

  • Laundry bag

  • Detergent Pods (5 laundry days)

  • Roll of quarters (laundry)

  • Sleeping bag/blanket

  • Pillow

  • Air Mattress (twin size)—NO COTS PERMITTED

  • Bus bins (shoe box size for overhead shelf on bus)

  • Extra dot book w/ string

  • Pencils

  • Sunglasses (Polarized)

  • Cell Phone Charger

  • 1 Gallon Blue Coleman Water Jug


  • Shampoo (& conditioner if needed)

  • Soap (gel) 2-‐in- ‐1 is great for dudes

  • Deodorant

  • Comb/brush

  • Toothbrushes/toothpaste

  • Nail clippers

  • Shaving supplies (unless you are a true man)

  • Advil/Ibuprofen

  • Braces if needed (plan ahead)

  • Prescriptions (see Kristy)

  • Contacts/Glasses

  • 2-‐3 Bath Towels

For Girls

  • Hair spray & hair gel

  • 100+ bobby pins (you will use and lose them all)

  • Alligator clips

  • 20+ hair ties

  • Hair nets (your hair color)

  • Small mirror

  • Make up

Uniform (Brass & Percussion)

  • Troopers Underarmor (provided)

  • 3-‐4 pairs of tall cotton black socks—NOT NYLON

  • Compression/spandex shorts, both girls & guys (black/gray)

  • 15 pairs WHITE LONG cotton gloves, used during all days (No Mechanix)

Brass Only

  • DCT only for brass players, no chapstick.

  • Sunglasses are permitted

  • All brass should have the 1 Gal BLUE Coleman Water Jug. CLICK HERE to see

  • Brass should also have around 20 pair of gloves. That's one pair of gloves every 4 days, approx.

  • Brass will also need Blue shoppe towels, Brasso, Tarn-x, Silver Polish, Valve Oil (non-colored) and Slide Grease for horn cleaning and maintenance. Q-tips too, for the hard-to- clean places of our horns.

  • Brass will need a 3/4 inch PVC coupler, the one that Bill posted in the individual groups.

  • Brass will also be using BLACK horn towels this summer. I believe Anthony wants us to get a bath towel, not a hand towel.

 Percussion Only

  •  A couple rolls of White stick tape, practice pad, multiple pairs of sticks, and earplugs.

Clothes-Whole Corps

  • Baseball hat-May need a couple

  • 14-‐16 pairs of short, thick white socks

  • 14-‐16 pairs of underwear

  • 3-‐5 pairs section shorts

  • 5-‐7 WHITE t shirts/tank tops & 5-‐7 other t shirts

  • Flip-‐flops (for shower and off-‐time)

  • 1-‐2 pairs athletic shoes (will need to be replaced mid-‐tour)—ASICS RECOMMENDED

  • Light jacket (rain/wind resistant)

  • Sweatpants/something warm on the bus

  • 2 sets of casual clothes (laundry and free days)

Be sure to have your ATM Card &  Insurance Card
Please Note: There is very limited space available under the buses.
The Troopers are NOT RESPONSIBLE for cell phones, iPads, Chargers, Personal jewelry, Wallets. Etc….

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