May 18th - June 1st

Nampa, Idaho

Northwest Nazarene University

June 1st - June 18th

Fruitland, Idaho

Fruitland School District

If your Trooper is moving in on May 18th:

  1. Make sure their flight is scheduled to arrive in Boise, Idaho by 1:00pm MT

  2. The charter bus will leave the Boise Airport at 4:00pm to head to Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho


The reason for the wait for the bus is to give a buffer window in case of flight delays/weather problems etc. If your Trooper should experience any flight delays contact Corps Director Kristy Jackson and let her know. Your Trooper should also notify the Airport Contact Person and keep them updated.

If your Trooper is arriving on a different day, or needs to leave after move-ins to return home for graduation, finals, etc. OR if you are volunteering during Spring Training and will be flying in:

  1. You will need to arrive at the Boise Airport (BOI) on Tuesday's, Thursday's, or Saturday's by 1:00pm MT.

  2. All members not arriving on May 18th must be excused by their Caption Head and the Corps Director.

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