Sung to the tune “How the West Was Won.”

Lyrics by Dave Shaw and Fred Sanford

Promised land, where dreams are big and hearts are bold,

Land of the Troopers, we’re second best to none.

Bound for fame, across the land our legend rolls,

Hell bent for victory, that’s How The West Was Won.

And we dreamed of the day when we would hear our name,

As they called out the FINEST in the land.

Where the dreams of the Troopers would lead us to fame,

Spreading seeds for the future that would grow,

And grow, and grow, and grow!

Stride by stride, we march across this noble land,

Ever determined, our name will never die.

Side by side, we stand together hand in hand,

We’re the Troopers, we’re How The West Was Won.

We’re the NATIONAL CHAMPION! It’s our proudest boast,

It’s an honor we worked for and we won.

Just to be a Trooper, is what means the most,

Should we rise or fall we’ll still be proud,

We’re proud, we’re proud, we’re proud!

Troopers rise, and stand up for the corps you love,

Casper Troopers, we’re from the Promised Land.

Set your sights, on something that is far above.

We give meaning, to HOW THE WEST WAS WON!

DigeeDigeeDum! DigeeDum!

© 2020 by Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps, INC